M+R Groupe


m+r group is an architectural holding grouping 3 architectural design companies:

- m+r architectes,


- Blue architektura.


m+r groupe is owned and managed by four architects Pierre-Paul RAOULT, Patrick BRIOT,



Pierre-Paul RAOULT


 Patrick BRIOT



 Joanna RAOULT


While each of the group's three architectural companies is a distinct entity, they all share common values:




Gained over a long time, it generates today tangible benefits and permits a professional approach to every type of project.



Acquired while realizing the missions and projects entrusted with us by our Clients - both public and private investors.

The tasks realized by the m+r group involve the entire project's design process, including:
- Feasibility study and work programming,
- Consideration of a project's environmental and urban context,
- Comprehensive project management - concept, project & execution
- Interior layout, interior design and signing projects,
- Client's support at various design process' stages (commercial projects) :
* Authorizations and permits,
* Merchandizing , commercialization.
- Expert's opinions for institutions and private investors.


Work on architectural concepts and project development is a team work; the studio is organized on an open space basis, favoring an exchange of experience and ideas between the various teams of architects. In architecture, innovation stems from eclecticism. Each project should address specific issues.

Our proposals regarding the choice of the means of expression, materials and shapes suit best- in our opinion - a given project, its location and its environment.

The environmental impact in all its aspects is a factor determining the urban planning and architectural concepts.


- Active participation in professional events - congresses, fairs, forums - such as IMOTEPH, MIPIM, MAPIC, the ICSC Congress, CNCC, Forum de l'Enseigne...
- Subscription to French and international professional journals and magazines, information bulletins, ...
- Study tours or site visits,
- Membership in C.N.C.C. (Conseil National des Centres Commerciaux - National Council of Shopping Centers) , owing to which we have a direct access to information on the commercial properties' marketplace and also to reflections regarding new solutions in the field of commercial construction and its commercialization,
- Intensive professional training.


Acquired during the many-year long activity in the field of commercial urban planning, services and leisure. This unequaled familiarity allows us to collaborate with specialists in various trades (marketing and communication), in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation of particular competencies. It facilitates a creative merger of the experience of many experts and a joint realization of the projects.
Yet, at the same time, we remain focused on the most important - technical, functional and aesthetic - aspects of our profession.


These values, shared by the m+r group's entire staff, are the foundation of our corporate culture, linking all the extensive competencies extending well beyond the project's scope itself.

They concern diverse domains :
- an exact definition of the concept and an analysis of the site,
- the knowledge of legal regulations and economy,
- social behavior - individual and collective,
- marketing, sensory marketing,
- the principles governing vehicle and pedestrian communication, "customer paths",
- logistics,
- safety - personal and goods,
- the principles related to the management and operation of projected sites,
- a special consideration for the natural environment, both at the conception stage and during the realization of the project.